We have decided we reach the northernmost point of this place together. We walked and reach it but it started to rain. We ran and saw our car. While we were sitting inside, eating and sharing our memories, the rainbow appeared. “Beautiful”, said fiends.

Interior can be our office or inspiring room. And it is necessary to clean it sometimes as we do in our homes.

Primary, we set our services for you. It doesn’t matter if you use your car as daily car or it is our weekend car.

Some say that interior cleaning is about vacuuming etc. But it comprises much more – leather and fabric coating or ozone disinfection.


Cleaning, impregnation or coating

We have to care about all leather parts in an interior. We always use premium products and its pros and cons we discuss with you on previous appointment.

The most premium care about leather is ceramic coating. It helps to better cleaning and protect leather from UV rays.


Cleaning and coating

We can clean and impregnate all fabric parts in an interior.


Cleaning and coating

Alcantara needs its own care. We can clean it and impregnate coating.

Plastics and trims

Cleaning, impregnation or coating

In every car interior there are some plastic pieces which need to clean and impregnate.

Details and painted parts

Polishing and impregnation or coating

We can repair the scratched materials and apply a coating to protect them. We can also nourish the wood with natural oils.


Antifog protection

We can apply an antifog preparation which helps to protect glass from fogging.