About us

Exact meaning of the relationship between a car and his owner is about the love to its imperfection, the admiration of its qualities and the respect to its history. And exactly these words are describing the UMYEM philosophy. We consider ourselves as automotive psychologists. We restore relationships – between you and your car.

We care about cars in a detailing sphere. But our domain is an individual approach to our customers.


Interior cleaning, vacuuming, seats cleaning, leather cleaning, plastic a trim cleaning. Car hand wash.


Leather, plastic and trim impregnation, fabric coating, paint coating – wax or ceramic coating.


Before the wax is being applied, there is recommended to renovate the paint. Before the ceramic coating is necessary to renovate the paint. We can do small repairs or retouches.


We are Gyeon certified detailer and reseller so you can buy the premium car care products.


Interior is your sanctuary. It is the place where you can hide from the rain or where you enjoy your life with your relatives while you are singing your very own melodies.


Exterior is often considered as the reference of its owner. Shining paint helps to highlight the curves and character of your car. We are blessed by every single look at it.